Photo Credit: Anthony Shkraba


The Holiday Season is upon us! Regardless of their religious or celebratory traditions, Klamath River Basin communities have an opportunity this time of year to contribute to various organizations’ efforts to restore environmental stability, support community members impacted by recent wildfires, and participate in local Tribes’ pursuit of cultural resurgence. Making contributions is a great way of sharing in the generous spirit of the season and to help fuel real change within our communities.

Those interested in gifting support to environmental restoration organizations focused on improving conditions in the Klamath River Basin have a lot of groups to choose from. Save California Salmon is an excellent choice for donations if one is interested in promoting the return of abundant salmon runs to the Klamath River and its tributaries. Additional salmon-focused organizations that would benefit from readers’ generosity this time of year include Friends of the Shasta River, the Mid Klamath Watershed Council, and the Salmon River Restoration Council. Any amount given to these organizations will assist in efforts to ensure the continuance and growth of salmon populations and overall river health in the Klamath River and its numerous tributaries.

The last several years have seen many Klamath River Basin community members impacted by wildfires. This holiday season is a particularly important time to lend them a helping hand. Dixie Fire Relief is an organization created by the Indian Valley Firemen’s Association whose aim is to provide support to “the many families, homes, small businesses and special places destroyed,” by the Dixie Fire of 2021. The Slater Fire of 2020 burned through Happy Camp, California on the Klamath River and destroyed more than 200 homes. For those wanting to contribute to fire relief programs created to support victims in rebuilding their lives and homes, visit the 2-1-1 website to find ways to contribute.

The Karuk Tribe’s Eco-Cultural Recovery Branch organizes projects whose aim is to promote and continue the environmental and cultural relationships maintained by the Tribe since time immemorial. Their projects include the Pikyav Field Institute created to promote Traditional Ecological Knowledge, the Karuk DNR Wildlife Division whose goal is to support the protection, conservation, and restoration of “ecological processes that the wildlife depend on in Karuk Aboriginal Lands,” and their Prescribed Fire Program designed to promote the resurgence of culturally informed fire regimes intended to stabilize environments and protect communities. Contributions to the Karuk Tribe are important in fueling various projects aimed at environmental restoration and cultural continuance.

This Holiday Season please consider donating to the above-mentioned organizations. Your generous contributions will assist in the enrichment of the places that Klamath River Basin communities call home and will support the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors. Thank you for considering donating and we look forward to a New Year together marked by abundance and generosity.