Water Conservation

Water Conservation

After decades of a disjointed approach to water management throughout the Klamath Basin, there is a growing effort to find solutions that sustainably benefit fish and farms, Tribal members as well as ranchers and farmers. These cooperative efforts make the most of every drop of water in this drought-prone region.

Modoc Point Irrigation District: Innovative Partnership Saves Water and Energy

Several farmers and ranchers in the Modoc Point Irrigation District are finding solutions to improving water quality and water savings by converting to more efficient irrigation practices. The changes from open ditch irrigation to more efficient wheel lines and pivot irrigation can significantly reduce water use, improve water quality with reduced runoff, and at the same time increase the efficiency of water delivered to crop plants. This can reduce pumping needs, which saves energy. By partnering with the irrigation district, landowners leverage funding and expertise to use water more efficiently, leaving more of this scarce resource in Upper Klamath Lake and the Klamath River for other uses.

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Fifth Generation Ranchers Learn to Grow Fish

The Shasta River is one of the Klamath River’s most productive tributaries. California Trout is working with landowners to restore important habitat.

Little Shasta | Big Hart from California Trout on Vimeo.

Yurok Tribe Restoration Projects in Lower Klamath River

The Yurok Tribe has invested in riparian restoration projects that provide quality local jobs and restore health to creeks and streams in the Lower Klamath Basin.