One Basin, One Community

One Basin, One Community

Efforts are underway throughout the Klamath Basin to heal local communities and find cooperative paths forward so that all residents can enjoy prosperity, clean and sufficient water supplies, and a sense of connection with fellow Klamath Basin residents.

The Klamath Communities Coalition

The Klamath Communities Coalition seeks commonsense solutions to shared challenges facing the Basin’s diverse communities. Tribes, counties, conservation and fisheries groups and agricultural districts are meeting monthly to identify issues that would benefit from collaboration to identify solutions that work for all parties. We applaud the leaders committed to this important work.

Bringing Healthy Fire Back to the Landscape

Klamath Basin Tribes have used prescribed burns to manage the landscape for millennia. Today, they are working with local partners to bring back traditional fire management practices. The Western Klamath Restoration Partners is a great example of how diverse organizations can solve complex problems to help Reconnect Klamath Basin cultures and economies.

Karuk Cultural Burning Project

Yurok Cultural Burning Project