Clean Water is Good for Business

Clean Water is Good for Business

Clean water is the lifeblood of communities throughout the Klamath Basin. Many projects have been completed or are currently underway that are designed to improve water quality and fish habitat while making it easier for landowners to meet water quality goals that both satisfy regulators and ensure healthy water supplies for people and wildlife.

On-Farm Infrastructure Improvements

Trout Unlimited is partnering with farmers, ranchers and local contractors in the Upper Klamath Basin to improve irrigation practices and restored wetlands. The end result is cleaner water in Upper Klamath Lake and, ultimately, the Klamath River. These efforts also lower regulatory burdens on farmers and ranchers and improve water quality for everyone.
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Recreational Fishing Guide Welcomes Dam Removal

One fishing guide who makes a living showing anglers the secrets of fishing on the Klamath River shares his perspective on why dam removal is the right long-term solution for the basin.